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Whether you want to look amazing, family photos, your pets, scenery, wedding photos, model shoots, restore old photographs, make your property look great ready for that real estate listing, we have it all here at P.E.M. I know how important holiday snaps are, that special moment caught on camera, maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity. No matter what camera I use and I am sure you will agree from your own experiences there is always a problem with the photo, it could be poor lighting, a hand caught in the frame or maybe just a passer by ruining the shot. All this can easily be rectified. We can breathe new life into a photograph by enhancing the colour, sharpness and vibrancy of the image to a outstanding quality. Is there someone in you photo you no longer like, no problem, lets remove him or her out of the frame, anything is possible here at P.E.M. Makeover Gift Vouchers $4.00 If you would like to purchase a lite edition makeover and retouch for your friends or family (male and female) then they are now available, simply fill out the form below and pay using PayPal and we will send you your voucher code to use on our order form. Models | Actors | Music Artist | Publications If your a music artist, model, actor or a publication such as a magazine you know how important your photos must look with no compromise. With myself being a member of the music industry I understand personally how important that is and we can take care of all that here at P.E.M. Many image retouching editors go overboard making the client look like a high street mannequin, but that is not a bad thing, most publications favour the washed out look for there models, so if that is what your after then that is no problem for us. On the other hand if looking more natural and unique is what you require then you have also come to the right place. Food Outlets Maybe your an established restaurant or other food outlet wanting to make your dishes look great just like our example image. Having nice food on the menu is only half the battle, most customers eat with there eyes, lets give them some eye candy to draw them into your wonderful food establishment. We can add some effects such as steam if necessary to give the illusion the food has just been cooked by the master chef. 

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To begin please click the relevant service you require on the menu tab, a rough guide of services are listed below. Retouch | Makeover: Makeovers and enhancing self portraits starting from as little as $2.50 Photo Fix | Recolour: This is for your scenery, holiday snaps, group photos, objects, buildings or anything along them lines priced at $1.50 HDR | Filters: Add high dynamic range lighting and a wealth of other great FX to your photos. Priced at $1 Photo Restoration: This is our service for restoring old and damaged photos. Priced at $6 Object Removals: Refers to removing you or anything from the scene. Priced at $1.50 per object. Body Shaping: Do you need a nip and tuck, we wont tell, priced at $4.50 2D- 3D: Converting your home videos and photographs from 2D to stunning 3D. Images priced at $2, videos are priced at  $12 per 25 minutes of footage. Please take into account that a good quality image will yield the best optimum result. If you are unsure if certain edits will work for your photo then please contact us and we will let you know what can be done. Ordering & Uploading Your Photo Please use the order form which is available on each service related page then simply tick the relevant service(s) that you require, it is also possible to leave comments for our talented team on the order form, for example if you wanted something untouched. Please make sure you fill out all required information before attaching and sending your photos to us. The order form on this site contains the full listing of services available. Sample Photo You do not pay anything until the work is finished to your satisfaction, this means you get unlimited revisions until your happy with the work, we want you to be happy with our service, we will not compromise that, we hope this leads to 100% customer satisfaction! Watermark & Sample Photo When you photo is ready we will send you a download location for your review of our work, the image will have a watermark added, you can then inform us to go ahead or make changes. We will remove the watermark after your satisfied and payment is made. Payment We accept all payments using PAYPAL to and once we receive the funds we shall then send you the download location for your images. For more information please refer to our FAQ page on this site, thank you for choosing our professional service, from me and all the team at Photo Edit Me. Web Site Extra Sub Menu You may have noticed a sub menu on our site under the unlimited revisions banner. Hovering your mouse over this will open up a another navigation menu of off-topic informative pages.
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Photo Edit Me One of our own in-house black and white filters We wanted to make this photo look like it had just come out of Tolkien's imagination. The Professionals Choice
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We recently invited some high profile guests that we know to try out Photo Edit Me. We asked each guest to submit a photo or two for us to work on. We received a good response from actors, musicians, entrepreneurs. To view our work for some of our guests please click ‘VIP Guests’ on our main navigation menu tab. Photography & Editing Are you thinking about taking up photography and editing your own creations? Then check out our Photography & Editing page jammed pack with hints and tips to get you jump started, we will continue to expand this page when we have more time.

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Prices Start From As Little As $2.50! Site Optimised For                  Google Chrome Not Recommended P.E.M                                          Hello and welcome to Photo Edit Me or P.E.M for short, my name is Ryan Anthony and i am a photographer, musician and imaging editor specialising in re-touching to a very high professional standard. I offer all manner of photo and video editing services here, please have a look around and if you have any questions please send them to me. I can assure you i have a good eye for attention to detail as seen in the sample work images featured on this site. I aim for a 48 hour turn around depending on work load. All prices on this site are shown in American Dollar (USD). Home Retouch | Makeover Photo Fix | Recolour HDR | Filters Background | Object Removal Restoration Body Shaping 2D-3D Conversion V.I.P Guests Photography & Editing Online Store FAQ About Ryan Contact We might offer this in the future for your banners Web Site Extra | Sub Menu

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